Hi there,

First of all, my laptop has a trojan and is now out of work but I hope I find time to fix it soon.

Here, everything is settled and we had a nice christmas. I don't really have much to do over the holidays, so I started learning how to crochet which now occupies me most of all the time. Of course, we have swimming practise, but that doesn't eat up that much time.

I don't want to go back to school since we have three more exams to take (I have biology, american histroy and choir). But first there's new year.

I can't really believe how fast the time went. I remember last christmas so clearly and now it's another year gone. Today in church they were talking about New Year's resolutions and I'm not sure which to make. Probably I start wrtiting diary again but I know that after a few weeks I'll give that up.

But anyways,

Happy New Year to everyone

28.12.08 23:42

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