Just swimming, swimming, swimming (Doriiii ^^)


I'm occupied with swimming in the last time, I know.

Yesterday I went to a Varsity meet to swim breaststroke (and freestyle but that I just found out when we got there) and now I will also be going to all the other varsity meets (even though I'm JV) to help out with my breaststroke. Isn't that kinda cool?? But I'm really nervous about it too...

Tremi wasn't home from thursday to tonight because her father was diagnosted with a braintumor last wednesday. It's the same or at least the similar kind of tumor that my dad had and there hasn't been a cure for it yet. I feel so sorry for her and her family because there is nothing you can do and it's so hard to finally accept that.

Tonight I'm going with Jana to her church because they have a christmas program there. Many hispanic people go there, this was why I wanted to come because it'll be interesting to see how their church is.

Now I better start my homework...-.- ^^ 

7.12.08 21:20

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