Hey world.

Yeah, I moved.

Basically just because I didn't write that much on my other page. .*Stupid me*

So, Here I am, hoping everyone's doing just fine! =)

Today I just spent a small fortune on Converse shoes (yeah!), swimming stuff and in Hobby Lobby (Art & Craft store) and right now I think I'm suppossed to be sleeping after I watched the kids all by myself this evening. Don't worry, everything went just fine and they were asleep before Tremi and Kramm came home. Gosh, I'm just so proud of myself ^^

Looking around noticing that my room is a total mess, I had to remind myself that I didn't take that many pictures yet. I have to do that! I have to show you stuff! 

Queen of Randomness.

 Yesterday I tried turkey and figured out I didn't miss that much. Yeah, yesterday was turkey-day, also known as Thanksgiving. My first Thanksgiving *getting sentimental*. Basically it's just like Christmas without presents and little funky lights everywhere: People who actually can't stand each other get together and each as much as they can. Yep.

Speaking of pictures, I'll try to upload some of mine tonight or tomorrow.

Until then,

Have fun and Good night ^^ 

29.11.08 04:45

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