Hi there!

I got home just a little more than one hour ago, because we had a swim meet from 3:30 until that time.

First of all, we didn't have school today because it snowed last night and since here in Henry County the government is not willing to spend money on salt for the street, they closed school today. So I got to sleep in *yeah* (I was actually really tired when I finally woke up :-()

As I said, at 3:30 I had to be at the school for our JV meet against Springfield and I had to swim 4 events (200 medley relay, 100 free, 200 free relay & 100 breast) which was alright but I was really nervous and now I'm tired but I think I'm gonna study tonight or tomorrow morning because tomorrow I have three tests. One of them is in American History, my worst subject. So I rather should be studying right now

By the way, I uploaded pictures on my myspace site (since they were too big to put them up here)



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Just swimming, swimming, swimming (Doriiii ^^)


I'm occupied with swimming in the last time, I know.

Yesterday I went to a Varsity meet to swim breaststroke (and freestyle but that I just found out when we got there) and now I will also be going to all the other varsity meets (even though I'm JV) to help out with my breaststroke. Isn't that kinda cool?? But I'm really nervous about it too...

Tremi wasn't home from thursday to tonight because her father was diagnosted with a braintumor last wednesday. It's the same or at least the similar kind of tumor that my dad had and there hasn't been a cure for it yet. I feel so sorry for her and her family because there is nothing you can do and it's so hard to finally accept that.

Tonight I'm going with Jana to her church because they have a christmas program there. Many hispanic people go there, this was why I wanted to come because it'll be interesting to see how their church is.

Now I better start my homework...-.- ^^ 

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So stupid

I got up this morning at my usual time and got ready for school when Tremi told me there's a delay today. When I woke up, I thought I won't check today because all the other days I looked it up and then there wasn't a delay anyways. So typical...-.-

Now school starts at 10:10. And I'm tired.

Yesterday I went to another swim meet and our girl's team won! *yeah* But my freestyle time was not any better :-( I think I need to practice more on that.

I should probably lay down because I have a stomache ache - maybe from the protein shake I drank. It's funny to believe that there's christmas so soon and I still don't have all presents.


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Hi there,

First of all, my laptop has a trojan and is now out of work but I hope I find time to fix it soon.

Here, everything is settled and we had a nice christmas. I don't really have much to do over the holidays, so I started learning how to crochet which now occupies me most of all the time. Of course, we have swimming practise, but that doesn't eat up that much time.

I don't want to go back to school since we have three more exams to take (I have biology, american histroy and choir). But first there's new year.

I can't really believe how fast the time went. I remember last christmas so clearly and now it's another year gone. Today in church they were talking about New Year's resolutions and I'm not sure which to make. Probably I start wrtiting diary again but I know that after a few weeks I'll give that up.

But anyways,

Happy New Year to everyone

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